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SlimGENEration was designed to provide people with a clear understanding of their DNA with the purpose to help anyone lose weight and simply become more efficient. The genetic test


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Our SlimGENEration Weight Loss Clinics and Weight Loss Programs Include:
  • More energy
  • Higher self-esteem and feeling of self-worth
  • Reduced risk of serious illness
  • A more active lifestyle
  • Higher level of performance in sports
  • The know-how to stay healthy for the rest of your life

Don’t settle on just any weight loss clinics using outdated methods and recommendations. We know there is only ONE YOU, and we design your program based on your unique DNA. Contact SlimGENEration today to unlock the scientific secrets to your happier and healthier life!

SlimGENEration’s Science is America’s #1 Full Service DNA Based Weight Loss Solution

We offer a scientific approach to weight loss. Our customized plans are easy to follow and you’ll lose weight fast with precision. No Weight Loss Program is the Same! Why? Each weight loss program is custom tailored to the individual. With our science and your DNA we will determine what your one-of-kind body needs to Consume, What Nutrients You Need, & How Your Body Will Respond to Different Types of Exercise.

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Genomics Database

GENIE Project for Genomic Data

Task GENIE Purposes making Sense of Huge Quantities of Genomic Data Advances in next-generation sequencing have caused a deluge of data. Advances in gene sequencing methods have changed our hereditary understanding…


obesity genes

How Exercise May Play a Role Obesity Genes

A team of experts coming from McMaster University, Canada, possess really found that those along with a genetic proneness for body weight complications could aid decrease this genetic outcome along with a literally energetic lifestyle.


Fitness Watch

Accuracy Weight-loss is Here

Researches unveil some model of “I am going to decline body weight” or even “I’ll train” neighbor the max of several New Year’s settlement listings. Oscar Wilde infamously referred to as terrific settlements “cheques that guys rely on a banking company where these experts possess no profile.”


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